Latest PS4 Games Introducing Far Cry 4: Valley of the Yetis

If you ever heard of PS4, then you will recall the long list of PS4 games. This video game console product is famous for its great games. Some of the games in PS4, which stand for PlayStation 4, are adapted from movies, cartoon and comic that make the appearance in games attract a lot of people. PlayStation itself is one brand of video game console among three giant brands of video games, Xbox and Wii. Each of them competes to give the best in their latest game. Latest PS4 Games that should not be missed is Far Cry 4: Valley of the Yetis.
Getting good respond, Far Cry 4: Valley of the Yetis has been released a month ago on March, 10 2015. Not carrying horror theme like the other Latest PS4 Games the Evil Within, this game offers your fresh and great view of mountains. This game is developed by Ubisoft Montral and Ubisoft Kiev while the publisher is Ubisoft. Providing Arcade genre, this games will give you the great adventure in great landscape by going one place to another to find a way get out of the Himalaya Mountains.

Far Cry 4: Valley of the Yetis

In playing this Latest PS4 Games, you will get the role as Ajay. The game start when your helicopter is crashed in the middle of nowhere at Himalaya Mountains. Instead being carried by the helicopter, you are left behind and have to stay in a dangerous place named Kyrat. When your helicopter has left, you are trying to get help in radio relay station. However, no help is coming as the weather is too dangerous. Thus, you need to get a way out of there.

What you need to do in this Latest PS4 Games is to get out of that Valley of Yetis. However, you will be given several missions in the games to continue your way out. You will be driving jeep and ski-doos from place to place. In this Himalayan region, there are only inhuman creatures that you will see, particularly Yetis which is the main enemy in this game. Although there are only few yetis, you also need to deal with those who worship the yetis as one of your enemies.
The Yetis in this Latest PS4 Games is huge creature, powerful and very fast. They rarely come out compared to their worshippers. If you face them in a fight, you need to win the fight by shoot them bullet and hit the F key after moving behind them. Be careful to not being caught by yetis or they will take your health and knock you off. Yetis are the most powerful creature in this game that you may find fighting them is challenging and fun.

There are more cultists, yetis’ worshippers, rather than the yetis; they are armed with Molotov or some with bow and arrow. You should defense yourself from the waves of cultist that will attack you anytime. You can some defense mode to deal with these cultists like gun emplacements, mine fields, explosive barrel traps. Dealing with them in all time and also fight back the Yetis will make you getting a lot of excitement from this Latest PS4 Games.

Great Views in Far Cry 4: Valley of the Yetis

Besides provided with the great scene of Yetis, you will also be amazed with the view of Himalayas Mountains. If in the other games in Latest PS4 Games you will only see darkness, in this game will have the beauty of Himalaya. The snowy mountains as the background of your fight will make your refreshed after the thrilling sensation dealing with the Yetis and cultist. Huge rocks and white area are the two most seen views in the screen.

So, how do you like these Latest PS4 Games? Does not it sound interesting? The great landscape of Himalayas Mountains and Yetis is combined to make an amazing gaming experience. Do not miss the chance to feel how to fight Yetis in the middle of nowhere. Besides you should bear down your fear being in trapped in the middle of nowhere, you should defense yourself from unexpected creatures that try to kill you. You should go to your enemies’ places in stealth and then broke them down.

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