Introducing the Evil Within: The Assignment as Latest PS4 Games

When talking about game, there are several names in game world that will come up like Nintendo Wii, Xbox and PS4. All of these names are the great player in game market console. Since long time ago, people love video game with console although there may have been games that can be played through PC or mobile game, but these video games still exist till now. Related to video games, in this review, we will discuss PS4, particularly Latest PS4 Games instead of any other games console.
PS4 is known as the abbreviation of Play Station 4. This brand name of video game console has come to its eight generation after PS3. PS4 is first released at November 13th 2013 in North America which then released in the other countries. It has released so many games title and most of them gain popularity in its fan as some of the games are adapted from some famous movies, cartoon or comic. Latest PS4 Games which also gains some attention is The Evil Within: The Assignment.

The Evil Within: The Assignment as Latest PS4 Games

The Assignment is the first series of downloadable content from Evil Within. The second part of Evil Within will be The Consequences. This first DLC from Evil Within has been released on March 10, 2015.  The developer of this game is Tango Frameworks while the publisher is Bethesda Softworks. Many people wait for this Latest PS4 Games for the director is from the famous Resident Evil game, Shinji Mikami,

The story of this Latest PS4 Games uses horror as the genre so that it does not suit those who are still under age. In most of the games, you will see a lot of dark places as the characters are trying to stay in the shadow. A lot of cruel actions will be seen on the screen of this games, blood and terrifying things. For the trailer itself, it is always protected in order to avoid kids under age to watch it. So, make sure that kids around you do not play or watch this game.
Back to the story, this Latest PS4 Games is about the lead female character, Juli Kidman. She is a detective who is known as the partner of Sebastian Castellanos. Kidman is such a mysterious character as there is times when she disappears to nowhere in Evil Within. So, the story will revolve this female character, where does she actually disappear to and what is her true motive that she looks like having connection with shadowy organization named Mobius.

If you are playing this Latest PS4 Games, you will play the role as Juli Kidman, who will be voiced by Jennifer Carpenter. Facing a lot of enemies, revealing mysteries and getting some horror are all the things that you will get while playing the game. If you are a fan of horror or thriller genre, this game suits you best. The mysterious events in the games will make your curious and want to know how it will be in the next DLC of Evil Within, Consequences.

Latest PS4 Games The Assignment Gameplay

This Latest PS4 Games will take about three and a half hours’ time. From the physical power, Juli is absolutely weaker than Sebastian, but people say that they prefer to Juli rather than Kidman. In most of the games, Juli is not armed with specific weapons that you may die a lot in the game. There are few things that you can use as the weapon in the game; flashlight, bottle, and sometimes axes. It is better to stay in the dark and shadow in order to avoid facing the enemies and defense yourself.
What do you think about the Latest PS4 Games The Assignment? Are you interested to try to play this game? You will absolutely not regret your choice to this game. It is worth to purchase and of course worth to play. Get the horror spread throughout your body in playing this game. You should break the mystery revolved around the lead female character, Juli Kidman while facing plenty of enemies without weapons. PS4 can always give you the great sensation in looking for fun and challenge to play their great games.

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