Helldivers: The Latest PS4 Games Where You Fight Aliens to Liberate a Planet

Enjoy Helldivers, the latest PS4 games that focus on the world where you need to clean the alien and win. Helldivers is a game where you as a one man army in earth military and travel into the alien world and destroy them to eliminate the threat to earth.  This game is available in PS4, PS3, or PS Vita, yet we will only talk about the PS4 version. This is a fun game where you can play with your friends. You can add up to three friends and kicks the alien either in local or online game.

You can still play in Solo game in this latest PS4 games. Helldivers have the setting in 2084 where the humanity is united in Super Earth and they have to fight three different kinds of aliens in the galaxy and free our race. This is the cool game brought by ARROWHEAD GAME STUDIOS, the one who make MAGICKA. The games have global community which can help you to solve the unanswered problem during the game. As the galaxy is wide and large, you will have timeless way to create your own levels.

Going Through Helldivers: the Future World Game

To start the latest PS4 games called Helldivers, you need to select your warzone and the alien race that you want to fight. Then you have to choose the planet and the difficulty levels. You will need to finish 2-3 missions in each planet. Some have a set of things to do and you will not finish it unless you do the objectives. When you finish the objectives, you will get the bonus reward because you have liberated the planet. The liberation plays the important rule to the Galactic Campaign.

In playing the latest PS4 games, you will be fully equipped in military army and get the latest and high tech weaponry to attack the alien enemies. You will get a support mechanic called Stratagems, to call a support when you do the mission. Stratagems have the forms in many shapes; either it is heavy weapons, vehicles or turrets. They play the significant role to make you win the fight.
You can invite friends to join your planet liberation effort. This latest PS4 games encourages people to learn about team work. You can request help in Emergency Beacon Stratagem so people can join your force. This is the opportunity for weaker player to play higher level of games with the companion of strong players as friends. Yet as host you have the ability to select your team. Had one of them play in malicious act, you can kick their butt and you may get the new friends. As it is an open request, you may not how people that will help you play the game.

This latest PS4 games need you to complete the mission so you will get some experience. When you get enough EXP, then you will level up. You can rank into 25 ranks. The moment you level up, you may unlock some features such as new weaponry, customization or other things that will help you on the mission. You can upgrade your weaponry and your Stratagem if you have enough Research Point. By collecting samples in the mission or leveling up, you can upgrade them.

The enemies on Helldivers

In these games you need to eliminate the aliens. There are three kinds of unique aliens and they have their own traits. They act differently so you need to adapt the enemy tactic and have the most effective way to finish them as soon as possible in the latest PS4 games. The enemy reinforcement may arrive if the patrol finds something weird. Then you can attack the crustacean race called the bug. They were evolved in natural way in the galaxy with the lethal condition. They have good armor and some has melee range attack, yet they cannot attack in far distance.
The Cyborgs were man that has done the body modification. They lost their humanity thus they attack people. This is why you need to utilize old earth weaponry and some heavy armor to block their attack bas some cyborgs may come in anti-tank weaponry. The last enemy is the Illuminates, where there is a very advanced enemy in the latest PS4 games. As the most difficult enemies, you need to use large amount of firepower to burn them.

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