Groovy Free Latest iPhone Games Welcoming Super Monsters Ate My Condo Sequel


For smartphone game lovers, have you tried one or some of the free latest iPhone games? If you haven’t, you should try the fun one. Great mobile phone games are the reflection of the success of the phone itself, especially in the smart phone era just like today. iPhone is one of the most successful smart phone manufacturers. Apple is the iconic brand of how a smart phone should be. Back to the game, iPhone has uncountable mobile phone games. Various types of games are offered to give the best good game times for the iPhone users. What could be more perfect than great smart phone with great games?

Adult Swim is an excellent game developer building fantastic free latest iPhone games. One greatest iPhone games ever is Monsters Ate My Condo game. Published by Pik Pok, this game was first released on 15 September 2011. In the next year, 2012, there was a sequel released. The sophisticated and fun gameplay of this Monsters Ate My Condo is very exciting because it is a game with Match-3 genre. The game environment is also cheerful with colorful items that makes this game is also suitable to be played by children. Continuing the success of this monster game, now the latest sequel is released with the name Super Monsters Ate My Condo. Go get it since it is the latest iPhone games free to download.

Free Latest iPhone Games and Latest iPhone Application

Monster games application are always both cute and challenging especially as free latest iPhone games. For those who grew up with Super Nintendo and the other updated version with the word super, you might have known that Super Monsters Ate My Condo is like one of those. The previous version of this game was already excellent. However, in this super version, some features are rebuilt and developed. The concept stays the same, but the game environment and elements are changed with the newest graphic technology. It is like the follow-up version of the previous Monsters Ate My condo.

This game can be played during the killing time session because this game is as fun as the others free latest iPhone games. It is not too heavy but still exciting. When you start to play this game, you will see the large tower of condominium right in the center of your display. The tower is large enough and built in colorful design. It is surrounded by colorful monsters, too. Each floor of the tower has different colors.

Most of these colors are bright colors and they are played by matching those colors with the monsters. Although it is the sequel, it can be considered as groovy iPhone games. The next gameplay in Super Monsters Ate My Condo is the monster would come over. You will have them as the cute monster characters in other monster games of free latest iPhone games. Two monsters will come at the same time in your display. The player should swipe the monster to the right direction or the right one.

The player should not feed the monster with the different colored floor. It is because the monsters are going to be angry and they will start to shake the condominium. The monster will also be angry if they are not fed in long time. Therefore, keen eyes and monitoring ability are highly required for playing this game. To practice it, download it as the most fun free latest iPhone games for your smart phone games.

Include Free Latest iPhone Games as Your New iPhone Apps

The interesting part of this game is the monster character. Every monster has their special and unusual ability. If you feed them with the floor that has been upgraded, their power will be deactivated. There is also a monster character that can be put in sleeping more. It is done to make the monster not to be angry. Like most free latest iPhone games, this game is really fun.

The sequel of this game is successfully upgraded. The changes will make the players enjoy this monster game. Although old-fashion is the main characteristic of this game, it has gained best reviews as action-puzzled game. As free latest iPhone games, Super Monsters Ate My Condo should be included in your iPhone apps.

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