Free Latest iPhone Games Royal Revolt: Challenging and Fun but..

It is totally good news to know that free latest iPhone games Royal Revolt are now available for all regions. Royal revolt game can be said as one of the most waited game sequels. In fact, this game was launched about a year ago yet at the first time after its releases, not all users are able to enjoy and download the games as it is only available on certain regions. Becoming updated versions of the previous generations, Royal Revolt i-tunes apps bring a lot of refinements.

In this game, we act as the king who builds our own castle. Not only that, we must attacks other castle in order to get their money. Great isn’t it? We need to ask the soldiers to against the rivals in every map given in this game. It combines fighting, strategy making, defends, and everything dealing with castle savings. However, we need to be careful too as in this Free latest iPhone games Royal Revolt, there will be some greedy opponents trying to attack and destroy our victory. When we are offline, then it is the time for the rivals to do the actions.

Reasons Why We Need to Have Free Latest iPhone Games Royal Revolt

1.    Great 3D Graphics
Fighting games requires awesome cool 3D graphic to make the fighting atmosphere more alive and challenging. A big thanks for free latest iPhone games Royal Revolt as it is completed with advanced graphic systems. Besides the display, this game is also giving the users interesting sound effects. Let’s say when the soldier uses the sword for example, there will be great effect indicating each move and actions. That is why; most of the reviewers agree to say Royal Revolt 2 free download is anything but very attractive.

2.    Awesome strategy about tower defense
Whether you are in planning of becoming secret agent or just in love with fighting moves, it seems that men, boy, and namely are always interested with challenging game like this. As it is stated before that you are a king who protects your kingdom. Of course it is not only about fighting and killing the rivals then being a winner but how the strategy to get the best results. Perhaps, you can get gold saved by the rivals or customize your palace, etc. Just play Free latest iPhone games Royal Revolt and prove how well your strategy before facing the real enemy.

3.    Build your own castle is anything but a fun
Unlike Royal Revolt 1 version that requires the soldiers to take over the castle from the greedy enemy, the scenario within this newest game version is a bit different. In this game, we need to build our own palace with everything found inside such as magic, academy, and the like. Bear in your mind not too really fun in designing otherwise the rivals will take over yours easily. Free latest iPhone games Royal Revolt make everything is possible.

4.    So challenging
Although there is no boys’ game that is not challenging, Royal Revolt 2 is totally different. In one side, we need making brilliant strategy to face the enemy while on the same time we are asked to designs the palace where we live in. It is like doing two great things in one time. The result is so challenging. Through Free latest iPhone games Royal Revolt, you will get some times to have fun and really think hard on others. Want to try?

Several Drawbacks Offered by Free Latest iPhone Games Royal Revolt

1.    Eats to much memory
We might praise how game developer makes defend your castle games so great with the cool 3D graphic. And, unfortunately that pleasure also needs extra memory saving. The graphic is good yet it is pretty tough. The file size is quite big, among 200 up to 300 MB. For the applications itself, it might be small which is about 29 MB and it is going to be big and bigger during the playtime. So, if you are about to download free latest iPhone games, make sure that your gadgets come with big capacity!

2.    Requires internet connections
This fighting and defense game needs to be connected first with internet connections. So, this fact might bring inconvenience for the users having poor Wi-Fi and cellular receptions. Thus, once you want to play free latest iPhone games Royal Revolt in your own home, make sure that you have great internet connections with you.

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