Enjoy the Cop VS Criminal Game in the Latest PS4 Games: Battlefield Hardline

For gamers who like the first-person shooter game in a hardcore way, you can purchase the Battle field Hardline. This is one of the Latest PS4 games that were released in March. Yet the games were released not only in PS4 but also in other version. Contrary to its predecessor Battlefield, where the games were focused on the military welfare, the new Battlefield Hardline focuses on the crime, policing elements and the heist on the game. You will not regret the graphic as the Visceral Games; the developer collaborates with the EA Digital lllusions CE.
The latest PS4 games take place in Miami in 2012, the city full of war on drug where Officer Nick Mendoza, the detective, should break the drug chain. Yet he was framed by his partners for laundering the drug money. In 2015, the detective escapes from the prison bus. This is where you can experience the game where you can be both the hero and villain. Hardline is a complicated game where you need to be surviving from the dangerous city and you need to sharpen your shooting skill as this is a first person shooter video game.

Playing Battlefield Hardline: Less Hiding, More Shooting

Battlefield Hardline as the latest PS4 games need a strategy game. You have to learn to survive by studying your enemy’s position in the vision cones on your mini map. They have unpredictable movement, yet you can shoot them. They will use your last position to try to hunt you down. Thus, you need to outsmart your enemy before they outsmart you.  By playing the different levels, you can try the new experience playing the game from the easy level to the difficult one.

You need to disable the alarm system in Battlefield Hardline as these alarms will attract your enemies to kill you. You need to play accordingly in this latest PS4 games so that you can clear the game in the perfect way. When there will be a full alert of dangerous situations, the detection ring thickens. As the main player, you need to catch the drug dealer criminal. Yet the arrest part might be a little bit unrealistic as the enemies hardly resist you.
Yet, this action is the part of the game which can boost the progress of the game. You can level up quickly. Yet this might disrupt the essence of latest PS4 games in killing and shooting enemies. When you are in the escaping story, you need to avoid the ramp jumps and any rockets fired to you as you need to live. This game is quite amusing. Yet it’s still different from the previous Battlefield where you commonly see the dramatic war scenes. In Battlefield Hardline, you only see a natural talk when you put the character inside a car.

You can play 4 different game systems in these latest PS4 games. In Heist, The objective is breaking the cash filled fault or truck, and extracts the money to the destination. The villain can only win if they can escape while extracting the money. In Blood Money, the open crate is placed in the center of the map. Your objective is having the first $5 million worth of money into your truck. Yet there is a time limit in this game and those who have more money under the time limit is the winner.

Shows Your Soothing Ability and the Survivability through 5 Game types on Battlefield Hardliner

The third game plays in Battlefield Hardline the latest PS4 games is the Hotwire mode. This is a driving contest where you need to capture the cars from the enemy. By getting the cars, it can bleed the enemy’s reinforcement ticket. You can win this kind of game by either annihilate your enemy’s health to zero or just simply get the most tickets in the game and wait the time limits.
Battlefield Hardline also offer Rescue game in latest PS4 games where you need to rescue the hostages in a 3 minute. You will win if you kill the criminals or rescue the host. On the other hand, if all cops are dead, the criminal win. In Crosshair style, you need to bring the VIP by fetching them to the extraction point while the enemies will try to kill them. The VIPs are the former gang member that became the states witness to attack the current gang in the trial.

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