The 2015 Updated Version of Free Latest PC Games: Smite

As free latest PC games, this year Smite comes with the updated version for PC platform. For 2015, Smite comes with much more thrilling and adventurous action game experiences. No wonder that for the fanatic fans of this game have waited quite long for the updated version of Smite. It is obvious as how Smite offers a real action game is loved by the action loving players. Thus, the upgraded version, especially for PC platform is indeed awaited for sure.

Smite for this year as free latest PC games is updated last March 25th. Smite provides fun game in which it is full with action where the Gods are controlled by the keys of WSAD. Then, instead of viewed from above, the thrilling fights are viewed from the behind of the deities. It shows from how Smite game is more like the action based MMO than the RTS. Thus with MMO, it comes with abilities bound to several number of keys and you do not need to click on the location so that you God will move there.

Free Latest PC Games: Smite 2015: Mode Options

As free latest PC games, in order to play this game well, you should know first the mode options available in this game. The first mode available is Conquest. This mode is the most traditional one in which it comes with 5 vs 5 three lane map with jungle in between the lanes. For each jungle, there will be camps which have NPC enemies which protect special boons which amazingly increase the speed, mana and as well as damage. 

Second mode is Joust. As free latest PC games, this mode is just like the preparation for the Conquest. This mode comes as 3 vs 3 or 1 vs 1 deal in which the players involved are less than Conquest. This mode offers one jungle and lane on the either side. The players are offered with a game in which it has one and one battles against the Al. This battle is a good way to with new Gods available along with the generally learning the ropes. For 3 vs 3, it is good option to attest the group dynamic and the roles as well.
Third mode is Assault. As free latest PC games, this mode consists all crazy things where all are so random. It is because this mode only comes with one lane but no jungle and two teams consist of 5 players. This mode offers for those players who love pressure and thrill. This mode is indeed perfect and suitable for those players who love to try out the Gods which they never try or choose before for the spin. Thus, give it a try for a more fun game experience.

Fourth mode is Arena. As free latest PC games, this mode offers the real thrilling but full action game experience. This mode comes with full actions in which there is not jungle, lane or towers, but there is only a large area where it is blocked by a portal at either end. For this mode, there is one simple goal in which it is for assuring that the minions can get into the enemy portal while stopping the enemy from entering yours. Thus, choose one of these modes which indeed suit your game playing style and taste.

Cool Walkthroughs for Free Latest PC Games: Smite

For Smite, there are some cool walkthroughs which may help you to play this game on your PC. As free latest PC games, the first walkthrough is a good news in which this game definitely helps the beginners. It is because this game will equip you with items which are beneficial for surviving in the game. Furthermore, you will have a chance to discuss your role with your own teammate at the Conquest lobby. 

Then, another cool walkthrough is that you should have a combo with your teammate as how it will help you to create an offense system in which you may also need to give out your best or ultimate attack. As free latest PC games, you should not miss Smite as for this year, there will be much more updates and cool upgrades for a more fun gaming experience. Furthermore, there are still others modes which you should try first for richer gaming experience with Smite.

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