Play Awesome 5 Stars Strategy Games: Bloons TD 5

Looking for the awesome free latest android games? Sure there are many awesome games you can get for your android. However, if you are looking for the 5 stars game review, you should try Bloons TD 5. This game is great for escaping from the routine a while or for wasting your boring time. And you may have known this game so well. If not, you can see Zuma game but this Bloons TD 5 has much, much more than Zuma. The new upgrade and features also have been added to this Bloons TD 5 to make it more awesome game to play today.

In this Bloons TD 5, you have monkeys, sharp objects and sure balloons that the game calls as bloons. You may think shooting balloons on the free latest android games can be really boring. But it is not for this Bloons TD 5. This is a strategy game that needs your skills to defense the tower. You may play also other tower defense games but it is not like this one. It does have everything you need to make the time flying so fast. You will not have any boring times after playing this game, undoubtedly.

Read the Bloons TD 5 Strategy Tutorial

If you have played some tower defense free latest android games, you may just need couple times to understand the whole things of this game. However, either you are the first-timers or the beginner in this game, you can be lost if you don’t read the tutorial. It is because here, you don’t need to shoot the balloons or defense the tower, but there are so much more like upgrading, collecting moneys, buying new weapons or agents to help you shooting the balloons. The balloons will move following the track to its end. 
Every balloon in this Bloons TD 5 of the free latest android games has its own weakness and each of them contains cash or coins that you can use to upgrade, buy new agents, and buy new monkeys and many more. So, the more balloons you can shoot the more coins you can get. Sure, the game can be more interesting and getting more difficult as the higher level you reach. Each level has its own difficulty and challenges. This will keep things are awesome in this new Bloons TD 5.

Besides the coins and level of this game, something that can make it as one of the free latest android games you should play is because the game is worth playing. You will not have any boring maps or levels because this game has over twenty maps you can play. These maps are divided in the three different difficult levels. There is also an endless mode and also a limited cash mode where it can make the games is more challenging. This game should be installed.
In this Bloons TD 5, you also have eighteen different towers of the monkeys that you can build in the game. And the special agent also will help you much. And other things that makes this Bloons TD 5 is one of the five stars free latest android games is because there are 10 specials missions and also there are 250 random mission you can play. They are featuring with unusual combinations of the rules and maps. You are going to more hours to spend in this game.

Plan Your Strategy Not with Bloons TD 5 Cheats

And to get more awesome things in this Bloons TD 5, you are better to play with your original plan and strategy to defense the tower. There is something worth why this game is one of the 5 stars of free latest android games, each upgrade will make the game is fresh and it is not only about the screen, cute monkey themes but also about your strategy. It means each map or each level has its own characters where you need different strategies than before.

No wonder if there are many people download the free latest android games as well as download this Bloons TD 5. Furthermore, the new features, fixes and also HD quality are now presented amazingly to make all players have different experience in playing tower defense or strategy game. Just keep playing cleanly without cheats to make everything is worth. Download it now.

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