Free Latest PC Games: War Thunder the World of Plane 2015

For this year, as free latest PC games, War Thunder comes with the new updated series of The World of Plane in which it comes with the cool of plane combat which requires you skill on shooting and driving a plane. No wonder that this game indeed offers a full series of action in which you may get the fun experience of being a pilot. Furthermore with the cool additions and upgrades for this year, War Thunder: The World of Plane becomes one of the must try game this year.

As free latest PC games, War Thunder indeed comes with fun and thrilling story. Take the action as World War II as the background or setting, this combat game actually encompasses all of the cool explosions and as well as excitements in which many tanks, planes and other combat things generate from all sides. To make you get stunned, for this latest update of the game, it comes with the lavish fast paced battlers along with dozens of the new vehicles and as well as the game modes available. It is indeed a cool game to play.

The Cool Updates from War Thunder as Free Latest PC Games

As free latest PC games, War Thunder comes with cool updates. First, there is the air and tank simulator battles which have been moved to the separated section which is called as the “Simulator Battle”. The difficulties of setting are also changed into the combined Realistic a battle in which there is no marker for the enemy vehicle. Thus, the difficulty settings also changed for the combined Simulator battles in which the markers have been deactivated. Thus, there will be more details about this updates in description.

Then, as free latest PC games, War Thunder comes with update of the nickname which is now shown in the replays in the Refree modes. The grass is also able to be deactivated in the binocular view in which there will be some crashed which have been fixed as well. Furthermore, for the optimizing the dx9 render, it will increase the FPS. It will also reduce the allowed sizes for the decals in which in the Ground Forced RB markers on the allies. These are displayed all the time, both on the tanks and as well as at the aircrafts.

Not only that, there are other updates as free latest PC games in which War Thunder will come with improved visibility through the sights of the aircraft’s telescopic. The rendering in the aircraft’s cockpit is also improved in which there will be also a fixed bug where you as the player may receive reports of damages, the one already destroyed on the ground vehicle. Furthermore, the crews on the vehicle which are not used in the battle can be used anytime you need because they are not locked.

Lastly, as free latest PC games, there are also updates in which there will be hotfix where the unexpected and unwanted crashes on some PCs will be fixed right away. Thus, there are so many new updates which definitely will make this game this year becomes much cool. No wonder that for this year, there are so many players who eagerly want to play this game. It is showed from how these are cool additions embedded for this year version, War Thunder: The World of Plane.

Free Latest PC Games: War Thunder the World of Plane Features

In order to play this game well, as free latest PC games, you should know some cool features provided for this game. There are the cross platforms battles in which they are not only for PCs, but as well as PS4, Mac and Linux users, everyone on the same server for sure. Then, there will be more than 500 historically accurate aircraft and as well as ground vehicles. There are also great fighters, attackers, bombers, tanks, anti air vehicles and self propelled artillery.

Not only that, as free latest PC games, there are also updates on the real multiple realism settings which allow for the advanced virtual pilots, and as well as tankers and the beginners to enjoy the real cool game experience. Furthermore, this game come switch the rich PvE content which has both historical and dynamic campaigns, solo missions, mission editor and as well as the availability for a single player. Thus, these cool features and additions will enrich this game for sure.

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