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If you are looking for Free Latest PC Games you should try to play Rift. Rift is a kind of MMORPG games which becomes the favorite for many gamers to play around the world. This game could be categorized as a game that has fantasy genre which is similar with DotA in the genre. The game has kind of fairytales story with bad defeated by the good plot. These games are developed and published by Trion Worlds that also become the developer for many MMORPG games. The latest version is better in the animation and it is free. So, you do not need to pay to play this game.

Rift Free Latest PC Games have minimum requirement to be able to play in your PC. The minimum CPU speed is Dual Core 2.0 GHz or better. At least you need 2GB RAM with 8.0GB free disk space and it should have the sound card. The minimum requirement for the OS is Windows 7, Vista, XP and the minimum video card is GeForce FX 5900 NVIDIA, Radeon X300, GMA X4500 or better. These minimum requirements are needed because the game needs a big space to be played.

Rift Computer Game Story

These Free Latest PC Games Rift sets in Telara world which have elements Planes: Water, Earth, Air, Fire, Death and Life. Each element is complementing each other and its uniting the world Telara. Each of the Planes in Telara is ruled by dragon-deity which also becomes the symbol of each element in Telara. There is a dragon extinction alliance called Blood Storm lead by Regulos that want to destroy Telara and use its elements. It is told that the Blood storm is destroyed by Telara inhabitants, helped by the Vigil; Vigil is the most powerful gods in Telara.

In this Free Latest PC Games, the player has role as an Ascended whom resurrected human warrior. The player should defeat the Regulos and clean Telara from the Blood Storm for forever. There are two groups in Telara that want to defeat Regulos, it named The Defiant and The Guardians. The Guardian is pious to follow the god’s Vigil. The guardian consists of high elves, Mathosians (northern human warlike culture), and dwarves.

On the other hand, the Defiant are those rebel the Vigil but their trust on technology and science as the way to defeat the Regulos’s forces. The Defiant include the Eth; a southern human culture with high technology, the Bahmi; descendants of humans and Air spirits, and Kelari; a cabalistic, animistic dark elves. In these Free

Latest PC Games the player could freely choose the character and role that they want

This game has the similar gameplay with other MMORPG games, which is allowing multiplayer mode. The player could play their teamwork to accomplish the mission. The Rift Free Latest PC Games gameplay start with defeating some enemies to close the rift in the maps. If the player succeeds defeating the enemies they will get reward based on their contribution in the fight. The reward will be one among healing, dealing damage, or buffing other players. The reward could be used to defeat the enemies in the play.

There are several levels of Dungeons that the player could choose, there are normal, expert or master. Through different level, the player is triggered to use their strategies and encounter to defend the enemies. For the character in this game, the player could customize their avatar. The character allows changing the hairstyles, facial features, height, tattoos and skin colors. The Free Latest PC Games allow the user to play with more advanced version.

Latest Pc Games Releases Similar with Rift

There is a similar game with the Rift that is Lord of the Ring Online. The Lord of the Ring online is also kind of MMORPG game for PC. These Free Latest PC Games also allowed customizing the avatar such as the hairstyle, skin colors, sex and many more. The Free Latest PC Games of Lord of the Ring game improved in its storyline with more challenging mission and the variety of story line that make this game more interesting. This game is also available to be played in the multiplayer mode with make the play more fun and enjoyable.

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