Free Latest Android Games: Anomaly 2 Review

The development of technology and information is changing rapidly. It moves to the move forward direction. Thus, every day we will find many new things in technology devices or applications to complete our dynamic life. In entertainment from Android based phones, games become the lifetime people’s favorite for gaining refreshing moments. There are so many games developed in Android phones. One of them that you can play is free latest Android games, specifically Anomaly 2.

In the first beginning of its release, free latest Android games have caught many people’s heart. It was proven by 2011 survey among users that the Anomaly Warzone Earth game was really enjoyed by many Android users. It was a very good result for the developer since they succeeded to make great entertainment source for the users. Four years have passed but the successful of the game still on the track. It reaches the $ 3.99 a day! This is a fantastic number!

The Review of Anomaly 2 Game

In the second version of the game, the free latest Android games want to show its fang by reaching $ 4.99. It automatically breaks the previous record on the first version of the game. It means that the developer has done so much effort to develop and increase the quality of the game. Basically, we can still find similarities between Anomaly 2 and other Anomaly game versions. For the iOS users, this game has also reached top rank. The game is played with the players are walking along with the caravan that loads weapons. Then, they follow the maps that pass along the towers of the enemies.

There are also power ups feature in the game. You can choose to fix the zones and decoys as the power ups feature. If you want to stand and survive in this game mission, you need to make a good strategy so that you can win the game while you also have some power ups left. For the fans of free latest Android games Anomaly 2, the systems in this games are familiar, such as currency, vehicle purchase, and upgrade system like in many other Android games.

In free latest Android games (Anomaly 2), you will find many new features, like the vehicles, power ups, and gameplay choices. You can turn into a different unit without having to change the phone. For instance, you can change the Assault Hound into Hell Hound. The new feature can make you able to have more guns that can shoot from long distance or can throw the flamethrowers like the Molotov bomb, for the shorter distance use.

In this new game, you can change every unit into a different one. Then, you can also have different guns or features from the new character. This new feature in free latest Android games (Anomaly 2) is very helpful for the users, especially for those who get stuck in certain conditions. The previous Anomaly game versions were popular by the vehicle choices for few different conditions. In the Anomaly 2, you can add more elements that can be very useful for your great strategy in the gameplay. Because of the morphing feature, the level can have different features so they can attack with more guns.

What You Can Get from Anomaly 2 Game

Another benefit of free latest Android games Anomaly 2 is the encouragement designed by the developer for the users. So, in the new version of the game, the game can encourage the users to do more buying and selling activity in the game. It makes the game more challenging because you have to do additional effort to have more guns whenever you need them. Of course, the users will have more interaction to the game because they have a new challenge to fulfill their need of weapons.

To sum up, free latest Android games Anomaly 2 is the best game that most people have ever played both in Android and iOS phones. Many people get impressed by the games and now they have to be ready to get more mesmerized because the game has new features that can add the increase of the challenge while playing the game. If you are gamers who want to get new challenge, you should not miss the best offer from Anomaly 2.

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