Cute Iconic Badland Game on Free Latest Android Games

Usually, a cool game will always show the iconic characters like angry bird, plant vz zombie and the other great games. This character is expressively shown to make the game more interesting and easy to remember. Talking about the game with the iconic characters, we got the cute game with the funny character. Free latest Android games of Great Badland can be downloaded on your android play store which brings a bird character but it looks weird.

Weird and cute bird we can see from the Badland game. Two iconic characters of the bird become such interesting free latest Android games in this Badland game. For the first time looking at the game, the strong characters of the weird and cute bird melted once. If you want to get those feeling, you may download it for the latest game, and then you can feel we feel on this game. It would be the nice game which will make your days more interesting with the great badland game.

Funny Characters of Badland Game

The game which is the main is to control the flying bird direction is really cool and full of puzzles. Yes, even though the main of the game is simple, it keeps being a cool game and needs the strategy how to guide the flying bird in the right direction. If you ever play the Running Game from Jetpack Joyride, then we can say it is like that. These Free latest Android games are really cool and for sure, you will love and like it. Try it to have the great game like this.

Besides the funny character and a shout game, these free latest Android games also has so many level choices; however, you could not play the next level if you could not finish the first level. It means we have to unlock the levels from the previous episode to get the next episode. You can unlock some episodes level by in app purchase which is available in the game. You need to spend your $2 for an episode. However, if you do not want to buy it, there are still many episodes which is free so you still having a lot of episodes.

These Free latest Android games Badland has two styles and models; it is the single mode and multiplayer mode. On the single mode, you may play the game as the rule of the game. Of course, every level has the challenges which force you to think twice for guide your flying bird. Every level also has the different strength and challenging and it rises based on the level of episode. Meanwhile, for the multiplayer mode you may have the game directly with your friends in one device android. So, you can compete celerity and accurate. Well, because the multiplayer mode can be played in one device, so it had better to use the table with the larger screen.

From the graphic design, the game is also the winner from the Best Project category in Game Connection Europe. It means the graphic design is really cool. Although the iconic character is only in black color, however, the background and the environment in the free latest Android games is designed very well.

Interesting Side of Badland Game

Which makes these free latest Android games more interesting is the playing design; the game is not easy to be fallen. It will make the gamer curious about the game. It also does not make the gamer feels bored with the game because the challenging of the levels unpredictable. We can find the game with the unique and nice character in the atmosphere of the background – forest with a hundred of traps for the flying birds.

The runner element means the character moving can be controlled easily. It means we use move the character before it is fallen on the screen. The game uses the design which forces you to move the small creation which is called Clony to go the forest and by pushing the screen with your finger, it can fly beautifully. As the name of Clony, it clones itself becomes many Clony and it is the gamer duties to unlock the next episodes and levels. With the variants features, these free latest Android games is really nice game, you may try to download it.

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