Cheat Codes for Mobile Games Bounce and Bounce Tales

Playing games becomes a lifestyle for some people. They cannot live without playing games. There are many devices used to play games, the examples are such as mobile phone, play station, Xbox, and many more. Most people prefer to play the games in the mobile phone because of its function and flexibility to carry around. But sometimes, you were stuck in playing a kind of games because it is too difficult. So, to help you completing the levels you need Cheat Codes for Mobile Games.
Cheat codes for mobile games are the list of letters that have some certain function. The cheats are varied, some use letters but some use numbers. But the most important benefit using the cheat codes is to help the player pass the mission or level in the games. Of course every game will have different kind of cheat and different purpose for it, but it still has the same purpose.

Mobile Games Bounce Cheats

Bounce is a very famous mobile game in its era, therefore many people try to find mobile games bounce cheats. The concept of the games is quite simple; it only uses the ball as the character of the game. The ball must be bounced until finish, but the journey is full of obstacles. Even though this game could be considered as a simple game which provide by Nokia, a Finland mobile phone manufacture, this games has its own fans throughout the world. Cheat codes for mobile games in this case for bounce have function to make the ball cannot be exploded.

The bounce itself has two kinds of games. The first bounce games is called only “Bounce” but then the newest model makes this games in more advanced form. They made this game with better animation and the mission made in the form of tales, so this game called as “bounce tales”. This game comes from in the newest models of Nokia phone, such as Nokia express music. Cheat codes for mobile games in the bounce tales are more various and have more purpose.
For the bounce game, there are only few kinds of code that it has. The Bounce secret code is using several numbers and symbols. You could activate the code by press 787899 during your play that will make your ball resistance with the obstacles. You could make the bounce ball fly by pressing #, your ball will fly in the air instantly. These Cheat codes for mobile games are could be used in every type of phone for bounce game.

Other Cheat codes for mobile games bounce is by pressing 787899 and continued by pressing 5 will make you complete the level and you will get 5000 points in every level that you pass. By doing this way you will accumulate the points to gain the high score. Another way to gain more score is by combining the function of the cheats by pressing number 3 to go to the next level or press 1 to go to the previous level. By doing this cheat, you will get a lot of scores to be your high score points.

Cheat Codes of Bounce Tales

For the new bounce games series which is bounce tales, there are some cheats that could be used. The cheats used to help the player completing the mission. The main cheats for this games is 78789 to make the ball cannot be defeated. That Cheat codes for mobile games followed by some different cheats with different function to be used. The next cheat codes for bounce tales game is by pressing number 787891 that will take the player to the previous level. The other cheats is by pressing 787893 that will bring you to the next level. This is a good option to be used if you stuck in one level. Another cheat is 787895 that will bring the player to the next level and also it will add 5000 extra point into your total points. The next cheat codes for the bounce tales is 787898 that considered as the most useful cheat which could prevent the ball from dying. The last cheat codes is 787899, this codes will make the ball fly in the air.
Those are the Cheat codes for mobile games for bounce and bounce games in Nokia mobile phone. You will easily pass the level by activating those cheats. Just make sure you press the right cheats in the right games, so your cheats will work without any problems when you use it.

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