Cheat Code Games That All Need for Speed Game Lovers Should Know

Cheat code games are strong weapons which all game lovers should know. For Need for Speed game lovers, be happy because there are some updates for the cheats which will help you may finish, accomplish and get the highest score from the game. The best part is that there are some cool tips and tricks for cheat code game ps2 for speed most wanted which all Need for Speed game lovers would love to know.
There are also tips and tricks for Need for Speed carbon for PSP which are worthy your attention. Cheat code games especially the GTA will be great information for those GTA game lovers in which these following tips and tricks will involve the quicker start, then for the nitrous and grip, for driving in the locked areas and even the cheats for increasing the heat levels.

Cool Tips and Tricks of Cheat Code Games for Need for Speed Game

Cheat code games, especially for Need for Speed ps2, there are useful tips and tricks. First is for the quick start. You should pay attention carefully to your tachometer when you are launching from the start line. Then, you have to grab the perfect launch again in order to gain a few precious seconds for a quicker start. When the needle turns blue, then you can drop the clutch and simply hold on. This is one of cheat codes for Need for Speed games. Try to do this carefully to make sure you get those real few precious seconds.

Second tip for cheat code games in Need for Speed are nitrous and grip. The tip and trick are you should hit the nitrous torques chassis back in order to give the rear tires immensely more weight under the new acceleration you have made. From this action, you definitely will go straight. If you find your tail is sliding, out of control or about to spin, no need to worry because you can simply hit your nitrous. At the end, you will run faster in which the speed is much stronger and it may shock you for sure with its faster speed.
Third tip and trick for cheat code games are higher heat levels, from Campaign mode for heat level 1 & 2 or city police. For higher heat levels, 3 or State Police, you should defeat certain Blacklist rivals or enemies #13. Then, for heat level 4, you should defeat the Blacklist Rivals #9. For the heat level 5, then you have to defeat the Blacklist rival #5. For heat level 6 or Cross’ Street Racin’ Unit, then defeat the Blacklist Rival #1. If you beat the Rockport’s most wanted level, then it will give you both the heat level 5 and the heat level 6.

Fourth tip and trick for cheat code games are for unlocking the newer areas for driving. For the Ramden beach, then you can simply do the cheat or beating the #13 on the Blacklist. If you want to drive on the Rockport City then you have to beat the #9 on the Blacklist Rival. These cheats will give you newer places for driving your cars. For that, the driving experience will be more expanded and richer. It may give you opportunities to drive at other fun places.

Cheat Code Games: Secrets for Need for Speed

There are cheat code games which are actually secrets. These secret cheats are great to gain more benefits. For example, the secret cheat for easily earning money when selling car. Cheat code game Need for Speed Most Wanted can be done by going to the One-Stop shop first and reset all of the exterior body parts. This cheat will help you to get the trade in credit for the old custom parts and it will not lower the value or price of the car that you sell. Do this for earning easy money from selling your cars.

Thus, another secret from cheat code games, for Need for Speed game is for earning extra money. For this cheat, if you start the new career with the memory card of Need for Speed Underground 2, then you will get extra money. For the Carbon and Most Wanted, you should do the cheat of selling the car’s parts first, after that the car.
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