Thrilling Free Online Car Games for Boys in All Ages

It is not really hard to find free online car games. It is most likely since the car games have been around since the first moment when home personal computers were available and used widely. Starting from simple racing car games, they have been developed into free online racing games with advanced technology and quality of interface. The genre also expands too. For example, you can also find the free online car customizing games to play.
Since the wide-ranging options and titles available for free online car games, you surely want to play the best games that are truly thrilling and exciting to play. Today, we have some recommended online racing car games you will find totally exciting. The games, however, are not only thrilling. The online platform allows the racing car games to let you interacting with other gamers too. These games are free, even though some of them may require you to make a payment if you want to add cars or make some personalization.

Recommended Free Online Car Games for You

The first one of recommended free online car games is the Need for Speed World. The name surely sounds familiar for you, doesn’t it? In fact, Need for Speed is considered to be the most renowned series that runs the longest as well. This game is classified as NSFW aka not safe for work. However, it will please you with excellent and impressive graphics. You don’t have to worry about the options of racing cars since there are loads to pick.
Another one of free online car games is Trackmania Nations Forever. Trackmania is similar to Need for Speed, as you can play against either friends or strangers. However, Trackmania is no simulation game. In fact, as you rev your chosen racing car, you will encounter jumps and loop-the-loops. Thus, we personally recommend Trackmania if you prefer to have complete fun rather than minding the wheel chamber or the gear ratios. Similar to Need for Speed, you can play Trackmania as single player to unlock many places on maps by achieving medals.
However, if you are looking for free online car games that are played as simulator games with nearly too realistic graphic, Racer is a game you definitely have to play. It is mostly since Racer can give you the nearly realistic feel of driving and handling cars just like you do in real world. Thus, as the player, you surely need to practice so you can get the most out of this racing car game. In fact, Racer is called as professional simulation game. Not only available for Microsoft Windows, this online free car game is also offered for Mac OS X and Linux.
An alternative to Racer is Driving Speed, which is one of free online car games that give you the thrill of almost too realistic impression, even though Driving Speed is more like a game if you compare it to Racer. However, if you make too many mistakes as you drive your picked racing car, your car is still damaged. In this game, there are two touring racing car circuits in addition to four options of V8 muscle cars. Even though there is online multiplayer mode, it’s sort of troublesome as you have to share your IP address first.

Free Online Car Games for Little Boys

Unfortunately, those free online car games we recommend to you may be sort of unsafe for kids to play. As they are online games, your kids thus are prone to unsafe contents that are unsuitable for kids under certain age. That is why you need to op for free online car games for kids as for much safer alternatives.
Who does not know HotWheels? It is one of the most renowned car toy brands for kids. As you visit HotWheels official website, you will find there are many free online car games accessible and safe for your kids. The options are plenty and categorized under certain groups. There are action games as well as car ones. You can also access the racing or even arcade online games for your little boys to play. Those games are not only exciting and thrilling, but also 100% safe for your kids.

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