Play Free Online Games: Recommended Games You Should Play

Do you love to play free online games? If you do, what free games online do you like the most? Today, we will take you to play free online games without downloading you can tell your friends to play. Well, play free online games now to refresh and relax your stressful mind for a while when you are working or studying. Whoops, we surely need to warn you that these free browser games can be totally addictive. Thus, make sure you can handle yourself so you would not neglect your work or study time!
As you play free online games we recommend below, we have to warn you too that some of them may be not completely free—aka freemium. It means, the online or browser games are free to play, even though you need some sort of payment if you are tempted to buy some sweet add-ons, such as weapons, costumes, or whatever necessary to increase your, let’s say, XP or effectiveness of your attack. 

Play Free Online Games in Adventurous Genres

What sort of game genre you want to play? If the adventurous one is what you want to play free online games, we have some recommended names for you. Try Coma if you know and used to love playing Limbo, a popular indie classic game. It shares the similar plot, including the plot starter where you, as the player, have to find your lost sister. This game is played under Flash platform and can be completed only in 20 minutes. Such an interesting game to get you out of the daily routine for a while, isn’t it?
Do you prefer to play free online games where you have to defense something? Then, Kingdom Rush can be an interesting choice to play. This free online game requires you to defense your area and is made with fantasy setting. This means you can find jobs like archer, wizards, and knights playing this game altogether. The mission is not to protect your land from other players, but from bad guys such as orcs, ogres, bandits, and goblins. It is an interesting strategy game that is sort of light and casual… and free. Don’t forget the “free” part.
If you are currently in a mood when you want to shoot someone, but you cannot do it literally as it is forbidden (and you can be accused and jailed for murderer, or at least an attempt of one!), deciding to play free online games where you can shoot surely will be sort of refreshing. In fact, there are many free online shooting games you can play. One of them is Doom. Sounds familiar, eh? Well, it is because of it is that Doom you used to play back then when you still saved the game using your… floppy disk.
Aw, man. Sometimes, you want to play free online games as a bad guy. What about Pandemic 2? In this game, you play as a very, very bad but genius guy who spreads virus that can eradicate all of human life on Earth! Since the virus always wins in this game, the goal is how to eliminate human being as quick as possible, in the most minimum of time. This is also a recommended free browser game if you do not want to have to monitor the progress constantly.

Play Free Online Games that are Fun and Interesting

If you want a simple game to play—and you mean really, really simple—you can play free online games such as the famous Angry Bird. Well, who could resist playing this popular game? Just take a look at those cute little birds in different colors that are performing different skills—a bird that can poo bomb!—to destroy their arch-enemy: those green piggies who steal their eggs.
Last but not least, you surely want to play free online games here: Cut the Rope. This free online browser game requires you to cut the ropes as soon as possible while collecting the stars so the cutesy little green monster named Om Nom can enjoy its sweet candy. To help you feeding the adorable and hungry Om Nom, items such as air cushions and bubbles are already provided.

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