Fun Free Online Puzzle Games Suitable for All Ages

If you love playing games to kill your free time, the puzzle games definitely are great choice. There are many free online puzzle games you can play, even if you want to play free online puzzle games with no download. Starting from free online jigsaw puzzle games to free online mystery games, there are plentiful of options you can find.
Today, we have summarized some of recommended free online puzzle games you definitely have to play if you have not yet. These games have multi levels that make every level is totally thrilling and exciting. Aside from being guaranteed fun and intriguing, what makes the free puzzle games are totally perfect choice are the fact that they are suitable for all ages. This way, you can also choose one for your little kids to play!

Recommended Free Online Puzzle Games to Play

As mentioned before, there are plenty options for free online puzzle games. Starting from math to logic, from word to physic games, you may find many puzzle games to play and explore. Thus, it will be quite hard for us to mention them all. That is why we prefer to summary some of them we recommend to you. Let’s start from Doodle God. This puzzle game is both unique and exciting. As you play this game, you will start from four different elements: earth, wind, water, and fire. Then, you can find more elements—there are 111 of them!—through many different combinations.
Designed and developed with 100 levels, the Armor Games is one of free online puzzle games that will thrill any challenge lovers like you. You can also play this game in 5 different difficulties, the ones we call as “easy peasylemon squeezy” to “only God can handle this”. Well, do not mind about the cheesy music since this game is truly challenging and addictive. This online puzzle game also does not permit you to make mistakes—five mistakes and… boom! You have to start all over again from scratches!
Rotate & Roll is the next one of free online puzzle games we recommend to you. Just like what its name shows, this online puzzle game is all about rotating and rolling something—in this game, that “something” is a ball—by using the arrow keys. The little black ball should be directed to the big bubble. However, it is not as easy as it sounds since you need to be careful with the spiky ball! There are 40 levels in addition to a level editor in this game.
Chromacircuit is one of free online puzzle games that have certain thrill and charm in their own way. As you play this game, you need to rotate the shapes to join the matching colors altogether. Well, it may sound really easy even a kindergarten kiddo can handle hit. However, you need to join them in the most minimum number so you can process to the next level. Ah, just as expected from a puzzle game, isn’t it? Everything is not as simple as it seems!

Fun and Free Online Puzzle Games Recommended for Kids

Even though those free online puzzle games are generally suitable for all ages, the difficulties and challenges each one of them offers may be too challenging for your kiddos. However, it does not mean those games are not recommended for them. If you simply want something to distract and occupy your kid’s attention for a while, those games can be perfect choice to play. On the other hand, if you want the right puzzle games for kids so they can achieve something too, we have some game titles to consider.
Try Super Stacker as one of free online puzzle games your kids will love to play in fun. In this game, player is required to stack various shapes on top of each other as quick as possible. However, player needs to be really careful to prevent the stacks from falling over. Alternatively, consider The Right Mix for your kiddo to play. It is more entertainment than puzzle, but it worth to play anyway. The player will act as a bartender and mix everything to give it a try. The bartender’s reaction surely will bring laughter and joy to your kid’s face!

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