Free Online Games for Kids that Give Educational Value

As we all know, there are many free online games for kids you can look up. The options usually range from the gender. For example, you may find the free online games for boys and for girls are different especially in categories. The options can be classified based on age as well. For instance, the free online games for toddlers will be much easier to be played than ones for older boys who are already in elementary school.
However, don’t you know there are many options of free online educational games for kids as well? The educational games definitely will expand your options of free online games for kids to choose as they are not only fun and interesting to play, but also have added value. Those online educational games, aside from being free, will prove usefulness and benefits for your little kiddo’s cognitive development. Today, we have summarized some of the top and recommended educational games you can access online for free.

Educative and Fun Free Online Games for Kids

The educative and free online games for kids we have summarized here are in compliance with Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, or COPPA. For you who still have no idea about COPPA, the COPPA is a federal law that is related to the collection of personal information online for kids age 13 and under. This way, as you visit these free online game websites, you will find that the COPPA will be included to the site’s privacy policy. COPPA also outlines the responsibilities related to safety and privacy the websites should perform, in addition to marketing restrictions and when the consent from parents or guardians shall be sought before kids age 13 and under using the website.
Let’s start from Free Rice as one of educative and free online games for kids recommended for you and your kids. The game requires your kiddo to answer the multiple answer questions correctly. For every correct answer, your kid will donate 10 grains of rice to many developing and third countries. Developed by John Breen, this educational online game will distribute the grains of rice through the help from United Nations World Food Program. Not only educational and fun, this game will help your kid to contribute to the world from early age!
Do your kids often beg you to have a pet but you cannot grant their wishes since some allergic issues or your landlord does not allow it? If that happens to you, you may want to consider picking one of free online games for kids here for your kiddos to play. Named as Neopets, this cross platform game is developed by Neopets Inc. In this game, your kids can interact with their cute and adorable pets… virtually. The pets live in a virtual world named as Neopia and must earn Neopoints by playing games, joining and winning contests, and trading.
Developed by Family Education Network, the Funbrain is one of free online games for kids that can be played with adults. As parents, you can supervise your kids too. In this online game, there are many reading and math games incorporated into various arcade games that will ensure you how learning can be really fun to do. Visiting the website, this browser online game for kids will entertain your kiddos with various popular comics and books.

Role-Playing Free Online Games for Kids

If the free online games for kids where your kids can enjoy the role playing are what you are looking for, there are many options for educational games too. For example, try playing Poptropica that is developed by Family Education Network. Accessible either from PC or Mac, this role-playing educational game requires the players to travel various islands so they can complete quests, read comics, play games, and compete as well as communicate with other players safely.
Last but not least, one of role-playing educational free online games for kids you can consider to play is Club Penguin. Developed by Club Penguin Entertainment, this role-playing game allows your kids to explore the winter virtual world using penguin avatar. There are many fun mini games to earn coins your kids can spend for items sold in the virtual store.

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