Best Free Online Games of 2015 You Definitely Have to Play

What are the best free online games for you? If we talk about the best free online ever, we will not be able to reach the conclusion since the discussion may lead to a debate… and finally the World War 3. As we all know, there are many genres of game and each of them has its own fanatic fans. That is why for today, we will narrow the topic only to two genres first: RPG, including action RPG, and MMO.
There are many best free online games under RPG genre. In fact, it seems like the RPG games are getting even more and more popular within these years. Well, it is not surprising since the genre can give various challenges with interesting storyline or plot that will make you never want to stop playing. As for the MMO aka massively multiplayer online genre itself, it may be a fading one. However, there are still some best free online multiplayer games worth to play anyway.

Best Free Online Games in RPG Genre You Should Play

We cannot deny that 2014 has been a great year for RPG game genre. For 2015, it seems there are still many best free online games under this genre you should anticipate. Get yourself ready for The Witcher 3 which is mentioned to be released in the middle of May. If you are a fanatic fan of this RPG game, this game will be the final adventure of Geralt, the main protagonist of this game. Named as one of the best free online RPG games, his last adventure however will be his biggest ever.
Another one of the best free online games under RPG genre you must await is Pillars of Eternity. If you loved playing classic games the Infinity Engines developed, this RPG game is worthy to play. Developed by Obsidian, Pillars of Eternity will give you the nostalgic feeling of elevated camera angle, aside from the detailed customization and amounts of dialogues. As it will bring back the 90’s RPG back to life, Obsidian definitely will develop the game in stunning graphic quality.
Action RPG! Who’s in for this genre? There are many best free online games under this genre—and they are claimed so with specific reasons. Even though it seems like Diablo 3 will not be released this year, there are still many action RPG games to expect. One of them is Grim Dawn, which is developed by Crate Entertainment. If you are thrilled by Path of Exile’s success last year, this game is worth a try. Will Grim Dawn be able to steal the spotlight this year? Let’s see while entering the world where you, as a warrior, must protect the land from the extinction of humanity…
It is not surprising knowing Magicka is also named as one of best free online games in action RPG genre. After receiving the “Most Creative Use of Friendly Fire” award by, Magicka 2 will be back this year to expect another back to back. The Magicka 2 will be setting up and developed to be much better than its predecessor, at least in term of isometric and cooperative spell-singing gamers love the most from its original.

Best Free Online Games: Interesting MMO Games to Play

Even though the popularity of MMO genre fades, it does not mean there are no best free online games under this genre to recommend. Consider Wander as a unique MMORPG game to play. In this game, everyone will start as a tree first before developing and growing into more, including developing ability to think. It is a recommended MMORPG game if you prefer the non-combat one. In Wander, everything is about discovering as well as living in the world with others without having to collecting XP or such.
Last but not least, we have Camelot Unchained as one among the best free online games in MMORPG genre. As expected, this game borrows from the Dark Age of Camelot in addition to the three-way combat the Realm vs Realm featured. However, what makes this game different and recommended, these game plans to make them as primary focus. Even though there will be no experience game offered by PvE, everything is drawn to the three-way war, starting from the complicated lore to the player-driven game economy.

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